Use of the electronic death certificate is mandatory from February 2021

From February 2021 it will be simpler and more reliable to forward data necessary for the registration of death. Owing to the system issuing the Electronic Death Certificate (eHVB), civil registrars will electronically also receive data necessary for the procedure relating to deceased persons. The eHVB system is operated by the National Healthcare Service Center. The National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) is responsible for data integration between the eHVB and the Electronic Civil Status System (EAK).

Pursuant to the act on the simplification and electronisation of certain procedures, according to rules currently in force, death certificates will be issued by physicians on paper from February as well, but after determination of the fact and time of death, the physician carrying out on-the-spot death confirmation will be responsible for registering data in the eHVB system necessary for registration as soon as possible, but no later than the first business day thereafter. The development project aims to establish a bidirectional connection between the Electronic Civil Status System and the eHVB to ensure that—subject to strict compliance with data protection rules—the competent civil registrars can access the personal data of deceased persons and the date certifying death through their own electronic system as well. 

Owing to the free eHVB system implemented with European Union funds, it will be possible to forward electronically data necessary for the registration of death, while the administrative actors in the procedure can access data and necessary forms within a single, closed system with the aim of accelerating and enhancing the efficiency of administration. Full introduction and putting into service of the system will be implemented by the end of the year.

Additional information and aid for use of the Electronic Death Certificate Issuance System (eHVB) is available at:  

Health care workers can send professional questions concerning use of the eHVB system to the following address: Questions relating to operation and application, and to technical assistance can be sent to:


Updated: 07.10.2021 13:09