Health vocational education

The use of the EESZT system has become an essential part of everyday work in healthcare. Therefore, system operators support any form of education that can contribute to ensuring that health care students have adequate knowledge of the EESZT once they commence work. Educational institutions are provided all the necessary support to fill the need in health vocational education to provide the most up-to-date information in classes on EESZT to prepare students.

The Teachers’ Preparation Material freely available to all teachers provides a general overview of the structure and functioning of the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT). The material presents the formation of the EESZT system, its objectives and its most important areas of service. It describes essential functions and definitions such as electronic prescriptions, referrals and medical history, as well as the event catalogue and the option of digital patient consent.

The handbook also includes information on the current developments of the electronic infrastructure, as well as the advantages that the EESZT brings to both the general population and health care service providers. The document provides teachers with background information which may facilitate the teaching of learning materials on the EESZT.

Besides the teachers’ preparation material, teachers are also provided with a draft presentation and suggestions for interactive tasks which support class activity, available for download in electronic format through our educational portal for free, along with the teachers’ preparation material. LINK


For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the EESZT Call Center!

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Updated: 12.11.2020