Ugrás a tartalomhoz


The National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) created for the healthcare sector can be accessed by professional users only with a specific content according to their qualifications and the authorisation attached to their institutional roles. Login requires a unique identifier. Services of the EESZT can be used through their own institutional IT system connected to the system.

E-Health services ensure that Hungarian health care providers provide all patients the most effective treatment and care at all levels of care, with the adequate information, with uniform access to patient data. Every health care provider use the services of the EESZT through their usual IT system, or if necessary, through the interface of sectoral portal only available to professional users with reduced functionality.

The sectoral portal also publishes public static data which can be downloaded in chronological order, with version control and timestamp included, with an authentication document.

In the context of digital self-determination, every treated patient has the option to use the same self-determination services for any Government Customer Service provider as they would on the Client Gate portal interface by registering a Client Gate ID. Therefore, the administrators of Government Customer Service are able to use the Sectoral Portal to validate the self-determination provisions of clients who verify their identity and valid social security number with a personal identification document (personal identification card, driver’s license, passport) and their SSN (TAJ) card or their e-ID card.


You can find out more about the various service modules of the EESZT by clicking on the images above: