The eProfile module ensures the possibility to record the most characteristic health summary data (Health Characteristics) of patients. The information stored here – unlike several of the EESZT modules – are not data on patients' health events, but a summary of the patient's own health.

With regard to their contents, the entries must comply with two main requirements:

  • Any medical event, illness, medical intervention, etc. that has occurred during the patient's life that affects the patient’s health condition for a long time, or any examinations and treatments that may be necessary must be recorded.
  • It must contain for the necessary period any medical information (or information affecting treatment) that may be relevant to the health care treatment.

Entries contain and display information that is important during health care in a uniform, consolidated form, consistent with a fixed structure.


Cases of viewing entries also fall into two main categories:

  • During emergency care, the most important health information must be quickly and concisely available.
  • In other treatment cases, the information that affects the treatment must available in a uniform format.

The database, as service, serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, it allows the health data of major importance relevant for the ongoing care should be effectively available to care staff in the event of an emergency. On the other hand, it provides a consolidated overview of the health data characteristic of a patient’s state of health in the long term and the monitoring of their change is of paramount importance throughout the care.


Data handled in the eProfile typically do not or rarely change, and are characteristic of a citizen’s state of health in the long term. These groups of data contain allergies, drug intolerances, implants, chronic diseases, participation in treatment, diagnosed diseases and lesions, and current medication information.

Therapists and general practitioners may enter data into the eProfile. However, patients may, in the context of self-determination, decide to prohibit this. They can set a total prohibition on their eProfile, so that data can be neither entered, nor queried. They can prohibit the submission of new data, in which case the previously entered data can be queried, or they can restore the default where both submission and query are enabled.


Updated: 12.11.2020