Establishment of special healthcare registers

As a new element for expansion of the EESZT, it will also become possible to register typically rare events and processes that are nevertheless important for health care providers. Within the framework of the above, a completely electronic pregnancy and children’s health booklet will be introduced that will include, for example, a children’s vaccination diary which is currently only accessible on paper. The individual vaccination diary will also become an integral part of the Infrastructure, the data of which – if not provided otherwise by the patient – will become accessible to the person administering the vaccine, the general practitioner or the pediatrician, who can thus receive key information.

It will be possible to log additional data as part of the EESZT special healthcare registry. The monitoring of occupational radiation exposure has been a legally regulated task in the past; related data will also be available in the system as part of the expanded Infrastructure. The registration of medical exposure typically related to diagnostic procedures will also be integrated with the EESZT in the future. Beyond the fact that this is very important information for patients and those involved in providing care, the established database can provide data to the health sector missing until now in relation to the exposure of the public originating from medical sources.