Electronic prescription of medical devices, 2021.

On the basis of legislative amendments, all medical device distributors with a price subsidisation contract are required to join the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) by 1 September 2021.

From 1 November 2021 it is possible to electronically order and fill prescriptions for

  • medical devices,
  • oxygen gas + accessories, and

  • certain services (repair, rent).


Distributors concluding a price subsidisation contract after 1 November 2021 are required to meet their obligation to join the EESZT after conclusion of the contract. Distributors distributing optical aids and dental devices are an exception to the above.  Such products are still prescribed on paper.


A service provider without a price subsidisation contract will not be able to access EESZT services.

The aid for medical device distributors for joining the EESZT is available for download from here.


 The joining of the EESZT consists of 2 phases:


  • Administrative membership up to 1 September 2021:
  • registration through the eGateway
  • entry of unique identifier, 6-digit NPHC identifier on the first page of the operating licence
  • provision of own e-mail address to which the system sends an activation link
  • entry of password
  • completion of declaration on joining, sending thereof to the EESZT
  • moreinformation available at www.e-egeszsegugy.gov.hu/ekapu



  • Technical membership up to 1 November 2021:



For serving electronic prescriptions, each distributor concerned is required to use an IT system licensed by the EESZT so as to ensure the filling of electronic medical device prescriptions from 1 November 2021 in accordance with amended legislation. Distributors that lack appropriate issuing software will have the opportunity to connect to a free internet platform that does not support settlement vis-à-vis the NHIFM but enables functions on the EESZT side (querying and administration of prescriptions) to ensure that distributors can meet their statutory data provision obligation. Please contact your system supplier for further information relating to the used system!



Management of the transitional period up to 1 November 2021:


in the EESZT ePrescription module, in accordance with prescription rules, only electronic prescriptions for medical devices approved by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary are currently available. Other medical devices covered by social security can still only be requested on paper.

When prescribing a medical device, the health physician always informs the patient of the prescription options, as follows:

  • paper-based medical device prescription: a medical device prescription can also be filled at a medical device distributor and pharmacy
  • a medical device prescribed through ePrescription: it can be filled exclusively in pharmacies on the basis of the prescription certificate. The medical device distributor does not have the right to issue the device.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our staff through the following contact details:

E-mail: gyse.eeszt@okfo.gov.hu

Phone: +36 1 920 1050



Updated: 02.02.2022 13:50