Prescription of medical devices by electronic prescription

Pursuant to Section 35/B (1) of Act XLVII of 1997 on the processing and protection of health data and related personal data (Health Data Act) and Decree No 14/2007 (III. 14.) of the Minister of Health relating to medical devices, each medical device distributor with a price subsidy is required to join administratively by 01.09.2021, technically by 01.11.2021, and electronic data provision is mandatory thereafter (except for optics, dental technology).


All medical devices may be prescribed with the exception of optical, dental technology device prescriptions.

The eGYSE prescriptions will have new prescription identifiers starting with 27.

Each physician writes the medical device prescription with his/her usual computer program, which automatically becomes an eGYSE prescription and is uploaded to the “Infrastructure” and can then be queried from any pharmacy and medical device distributor in Hungary.



Pursuant to Section 11/A of Decree No. 44/2004 (IV. 28.) of the Minister of Health, Social and Family Affairs, the physician may—ON AN EXCEPTIONAL BASIS!—issue a manual or software generated, paper-based prescription on the NHIFM prescription form if:

  • issue of the eGYSE prescription is not possible          (e.g. lacking EESZT or internet connection),
  • issued for a medical bag,
  • it is alternatively “seu”,
  • for ordering pharmaceutical products not marketed in Hungary or for “pro familia” prescriptions,
  • the patient indicates that the pharmaceutical product will be filled abroad.



The earlier obligation of the prescribing party to issue a prescription certificate has changed as of 07.07.2021. Section 9 of Decree No 29/2021 (VII. 6.) of the Minister of Human Capacities amended relevant Section 11/B (1) of Decree No 44/2004 (IV. 28.) Minister of Health, Social and Family Affairs. For prescriptions by electronic prescription, the physician issues a prescription certificate only upon separate request of the patient. The prescription certificate is provided by the physician—at the patient’s discretion—on paper or in electronic form, hence the prescription certificate can also be sent by e-mail to the patient.

The prescription certificate can be printed on white A4 paper and can include data of several prescriptions. It is not necessary for the prescription certificate to bear the physician’s signature and his/her stamp.

For prescriptions bound to a delivery time, the NHIFM verifies the availability of various declarations on the prescribing party’s page from 1 October 2021; the prescribing physician is required to indicate their availability by ticking the electronic prescription.



Please contact your system operator, local IT specialist in relation to problems related prescription.

Staff of the EESZT Key Account Helpdesk are available to answer any questions through the following contact details:

Phone: +36 1 920 1050



The information document relating to medical devices available through electronic prescriptions is available here .

Additional information is provided under frequently asked questions and answers .




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