The miniHIS is the IT system operating with free web technology, developed by the EESZT, which is suitable for ensuring mandatory data provision defined by law.

With its support the health care provider physician holding an operating licence for medical or dental activity (service type code 1 or 2) is capable of meeting his/her reporting obligation to the EESZT prescribed by law. With use of the miniHIS, patient data are received by the medical institution treating the patient or entered into the system during registration upon arrival for service. During treatment, any health data, documents, events and possible changes therein are forwarded to the EESZT.

The miniHIS system – operating with a basic medical functionality – is particularly recommended for those who currently do not use any IT program, and their records and administration is managed on paper.

Additionally, the miniHIS can provide assistance in meeting the EESZT data provision obligation free of any monthly fees or charges.



The miniHIS is not suitable for meeting the reporting obligation to the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK)!

It may only be used by physician users.

Each organisation unit of an institution needs to separately configure the application on the platform.


Additional help for using the application is contained in the following documents:


If you encounter problems using the miniHIS, please send the following information to this e-mail address:

  • your name,
  • phone number and
  • cause of the problem.

Our expert staff will contact you and provide support by phone to resolve the indicated problem.