The EESZT and its service modules

National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) is developed for the healthcare sector and health care personnel according to their authorization level that corresponds to their qualification and institutional position. To enter the EESZT you will need your own healthcare ID number. The EESZT can be used through health institutional IT system that it is authorised by EESZT.

eHealth services enable Hungarian health service providers to have complete access to all relevant data of patients’ at all healthcare levels, thus all information in one place provides the most effective treatments and services to the patient. Each health service provider must use the EESZT services through their standard IT system. EESZT publishes the latest records, which can be downloaded chronologically, designated and logged with version information, a time stamp and upon request, with an authentication document.

Based on the right of  the citizens’ data governance, every patient shall have access to their health care information online via the Patient Portal. To tune privacy settings on the Patient Portal is possible by two methods: or via Government Customer Service administrators personally or through Client Gateway code which can be applied also at the GCS.


By clicking on the following images you can learn more about the service modules of the EESZT.

National eHealth Infrastructure

The National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) has been developed using EU-funds from the consortium led by the National Healthcare Services Center in order to utilize the opportunities of eHealth by linking health service providers and providing a single communicational space for them. We hope to enable healthcare providers and patients to work closer to each other, make the data and documents more easily available, manage the data and effectively analyse them on a single platform by members of the healthcare sector for the benefit of doctors and patients alike.