Medical devices by ePrescription

Certain medical devices (GYSE) are already available by ePrescription, but they are currently available only in pharmacies. The development introduced in response to the emergency will further reduce the need for face-to-face meetings between health professional and patient.

In the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure) ePrescription module, in accordance with prescription rules, only electronic prescriptions for medical devices approved by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary are currently available. Other medical devices covered by social security can still only be requested on paper.

The process of electronic prescription of authorised devices according to Decree No. 14/2007 EüM is as follows:

  • Following the promulgation of the legislation, certain medical devices specified in the announcement of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary can be ordered by electronic prescription at the request of the patient and can be submitted to the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure) through the current services of the ePrescription module.
  • The product range in question can be selected in medical software in the same way as pharmaceutical products.
  • When prescribing a medical device, the health professional always informs the patient of the prescription options, as follows:
    • a medical device with paper-based prescription can be redeemed at a medical device distributor or pharmacy
    • a medical device prescribed through ePrescription can be redeemed exclusively in pharmacies, a medical device distributor is not authorised to supply the device based on a prescription certificate.
  • In all cases – considering the above aspects – the prescription is made according to the patient's wishes.
  • Medical devices that can be prescribed electronically must be ordered in the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure) with a TTT code (submission based on ISO code is not possible).
  • Additional medical device-specific information required for prescription must be entered as text in the INSTRUCTIONS field (max. 255 characters).
  • In the INSTRUCTIONS field, the health professional can enter the side, body area, size, log number of the specialist's recommendation, and the existence of patient statements (information, delivery time).
  • The prescription certificate will be printed in accordance with the applicable legislation,
  • according to current practice, it is also possible to invalidate a prescription in the case of a medical device.


It is not possible to submit to the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure) a medical device that cannot be prescribed electronically (the EESZT will send an error message when attempted).


The redemption of electronically prescribed medical devices is currently only possible in pharmacies, however, products ordered through paper prescription can still be redeemed at distributors of medical devices.

The first phase of development typically involves products, bandages, aids for people with diabetes (devices for measuring blood sugar levels and insulin treatment), and medical devices for people with urinary retention problems, most of which have been redeemed in pharmacies also before.

According to the plans, from the beginning of 2021, the range of medical devices that can be prescribed electronically will be further expanded in the newly developed eGYSE module.

Thanks to the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure), people suffering from high-risk chronic diseases have the opportunity to obtain essential products ordered through ePrescription with less personal contact and in a paperless way.

The list of authorised medical device products that can be ordered electronically is published on the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary website.

Updated: 17.10.2020 03:53