For developers

We provide access for all our developer partners to the implementation guides necessary to join the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure), as well as access to the implementation guide of certain subsystems (e.g. the event catalogue, the eProfile or ePrescription).

Furthermore, any documents necessary to develop software versions of the HIS, general practitioner and pharmacy systems connectable to the EESZT (National eHealth Infrastructure) are available to the general public.


At present, the following guides are available to support development activities:

  • Accession Whitebook
  • eReferral and Resource Publications Whitebook
  • eMedical history (EHR documents) Whitebook
  • Event catalogue Whitebook
  • eProfile Whitebook
  • ePrescription Whitebook
  • Integration Whitebook
  • Static Data Publication Whitebook


If you wish to access the document, please contact us at the following address: and become a developer partner.

After the identification process, our colleagues will assist you in starting the registration process, which you will receive a detailed information about. After the registration process you will be given access to all developer's guides and the consulting platform.