Where can I view my health data?

Visit the eeszt.gov.hu website, where after logging in through the Client Gate you can view at any time health data related to you, registered by the EESZT.

Which data can I access?


The eeszt.gov.hu website – the portal of the EESZT system open to the public – contains all health data related to you, uploaded by institutions joining the Infrastructure after 1 November 2017. 

 Regulation serving the protection of data

  • You can set when to receive notifications in relation to a given EESZT event
  • You can continuously keep track of who requests access to your data
  • You have the option of controlling access to your health data managed by the EESZT

Digital patient consent relating to health data constitutes the right and responsibility of citizens. In order to protect personal data, the system allows every citizen to control access to their data entered into the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) in the future. The scope of Digital Patient Consent with regard to medical and related personal data is allowed by provisions defined in Act XLVII. of 1997 about the handling and protection of health care data and related personal data as amended by Act CCXXIV of 2015.

Our data displayed to physicians providing our treatment depend on our settings, permissions and restrictions configured in relation to patient consent. Therefore, in relation to patient consent we should act responsibly and prudently.

List of medical visits

All events of received health care appear in the Event Catalogue when the patient has received health care in inpatient and outpatient care facilities, general practitioner services. The information is recorded and uploaded by the institutions providing the services, so that both you and your therapist will know exactly - even after years - when, where and what kind of examination you underwent and who treated you. 

Repository of digital patient documents

Among the health care you receive, you will find under the submenu item “Health documents” the documents generated during your treatment by the institutions after joining the EESZT. Such documents typically include outpatient data sheets, discharge summaries, medical records, rescue case sheets, which you can view or download any time.

This is where you will find your COVID-19 test results

After logging into the EESZT, your COVID-19 test results can be accessed under the “Health care” menu item by clicking on the “Health documents” submenu, setting the appropriate filtered period and leaving the document type empty. If you are unable to find your test results, please contact the general practitioner requesting the test. 

Foreign nationals need to have a registered Client Gate identification and obtain the authorisation to use healthcare services with their assigned SSN issued by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary in order to view their COVID19 test results. In the absence of these, the requesting therapist can be consulted on the results of the test.


Compass for further medical examinations

If your physician issued an eReferral for you, under this menu item you can view where you have to go exactly for a medical examination. 

Repository of rarely changing health data

Your eProfile contains your rarely or never changing health data uploaded by your therapist, which affect your health condition and can even save your life in case of emergency care.

The pharmacy “shopping list”

Here you can query your electronic prescriptions. A separate page displays prescriptions already and not yet filled in relation to the period you set. It displays the detailed contents of ePrescriptions. Prescriptions written by traditional means, however, are only displayed among filled prescriptions because these are entered into the system by the pharmacy after being filled.