Electronic provision of rescue control data to hospitals, additional rescue control development

The National Ambulance Service (OMSZ)  joined the EESZT in November 2018. As a result of this step, data generated during the rescue of a patient – recorded with tablets installed in ambulance vehicles and uploaded to the Infrastructure on the basis of social security – will become immediately accessible for emergency staff. This is not limited to data uploads, as the paramedic can also query data from the Infrastructure based on the patient’s social security number. This means that he/she can see the care the patient had received and gain access to the eProfile that contains key data. At least as importantly, based on the generated healthcare data, staff of the receiving hospital can prepare care before arrival of the patient – the transfer of data by such means can save lives in critical situations.

Additional development plans envisage the ordering of ambulance transports by general practitioners or health care institutions, where these provide patient data, the assumed diagnosis, justification of the requested ambulance transport, type of necessary accompanying staff and other important data on an electronic platform. Development of the Rescue Control Mobile Application is also planned. This 

essentially means that rescue control can see the name, contact information of the physician on call and his/her position displayed on a map, the emergency call is electronically forwarded to the mobile device of the physician on call, and the physician responds as to whether he/she can treat the patient. This will result in better use of capacities and faster emergency healthcare.


Updated: 12.11.2020.